3DI studio.

    3di studio founded in 2002, director yasser samy has produced and directed many of the most memorable commercials ever aired in egypt.
    3di remains as the most established advertising production house in the region and the director of music videos in Egypt and the Middle East. ideas for your brand or product that go further than just tv, print, digital and mobile. quite simply we find the most effective marketing solutions

    3di studio -insignia​ egypt is one of the largest and most influential advertising and marketing services networks. it is recognized as a leader in creative

    advertising ,media developments and all modern marketing solutions consistently provide the unique resources with local know-how and deliver unique, enduring, and powerful class a branding experiences.

    3di-insignia is ideal mix of thinking marketing and communication network servicing the same mena region. we provide new solutions that mix between commercial possibilities and creative resolution, while delivering the most effective successful ads. we are multicultural, media neutral and gain our strength from our history and engagements.