360˚ marketing

    our main competitive edge at insignia is that we are a “one stop shop” for marketing services. for our clients, we serve as a hub for all their planning and executions needs.
    our services include:
    marketing consultancy & marketing departments outsourcing / situational analysis / marketing strategy development / marketing planning / marketing plan execution / tailored research / all advertising creation and execution / media planning & buying / pr & events creation & management / concepts creation.
    we offer our clients a full service and turnkey solutions in a platform of partnership rather than service providing. strategy development is one of our fields of focus.

    we at insignia, believe that marketing strategy is the business foundation. it has to be carefully planned and calculated in order for the business to be built properly and sustained for growth. we have a specific process that we follow in developing the marketing strategies that involves extensive study of the environment and the firm in addition to all the related attributes to the business to identify the buttons we need to press. this is done in collaboration with out clients every step of the way. we have developed marketing strategies within different market segments and categories like: food – personal care – real estate – medical services – restaurant and fast food.

    planning & execution

    whether our client is decided on a marketing strategy or insignia has developed it, the agreed strategy is then translated by us into a specific marketing plan. we believe that for a marketing plan to succeed, it has to:

    1. answer the agreed strategy.
    2. be compatible with the organization.
    3. applicable operationally and financially.
    4. different parts of the organization had taken part in building the plan.

    so we at insignia, work very closely with our clients while developing the marketing plan to ensure objectives achievement.

    brand planning & development

    we work with our clients to build brands that create value. from the brand name through brand strategies and different brand components up to all consumer touch points, we work with a unified plan focused to deliver a homogeneous brand that delivers the value promised.

    advertising services — our core competency.

    insignia has a network of creative teams from varying creative schools. we believe that the marketing message is the hero and we design our advertising idea / platforms to act as a hub for this message not vice versa. we work on our creative approach baring in mind client’s budget in order to produce creative approach baring in mind client’s budget in order produce creative ideas that fit the budget, achieves the objectives and compliments the brand position / image. we have a track record in all types of traditional and non-traditional advertising with big companies and famous brands.
    • outdoors — we have egypt’s most comprehensive billboard locations network ready at our fingertips.
    • printing services — featuring the latest digital printing machinery for banners, vinyl, flex, see-through, mesh and even laminated vinyl for your distribution fleet. you name it we have it.
    • production — we have our factory plant to produce all advertising tools and hardware including and not limited to: unipoles, mega signs, light boxes for shop signage and even display stands.

    promotional concepts

    this is one of our competitive edges. we have become specialized in developing mega promotional concepts with full mechanics and executions in addition to their communication and management. we have developed a network of professional vendors that work under our management that can execute complicated promotions of multi levels and manage their executions including sms, facebook applications and instant money transfers to windders with instant reporting system that ensures our clients are updated by the minute.

    our process

    marketing knowledge is always at the core of any job we do. so, we always go back to our clients to define the objectives and analyze their current situation internally and externally before visiting / developing the marketing strategy followed by the marketing plan then the execution. along the way and after execution each of the deliverables is compared against the previous benchmark to ensure objectivies achievement.
    • activites execution. • activities plan.
    • strategy alignment. • situational analysis.
    • objectives setting.

    public relations & events

    pr is used to extensively in our marketing plans. we inject factors within the plan that will serve as stories that can go viral or can be used as news. we also offer events creation and management for our clients as part of the marketing plan execution.

    social media

    social media has become a very important and an integral part of any marketing plan recently, it has become an efficient media for focus targeting and creating an engaging platform for brands and companies. at insignia, we have realized the importance of social media in specific and digital media in general and its future growing importance trends.